An Interview with Justin Berk, Meteorologist

Posted by Dr. Maria Scott

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Dec 17, 2014 11:00:00 AM

justin_berk_lasikWhat made you finally take the plunge and have LASIK?

Justin: After years of dealing with poor vision and dealing with contact lenses and glasses, the cost of new contact lenses and solution, I was fed up.  It was a big decision for me to consider having someone work on my eyes, but my eyes were getting more and more irritated, so I was ready for a change.

What was your life like before LASIK?

Justin: Often I had tired or irritated eyes. I had dealt with poor vision since I was a child.  My allergies aggravated my eyes frequently. I was always aware of my eyes when playing with my kids and doing anything outside, like swimming, running, biking, snowboarding, etc. Traveling always included a supply of solution, a spare pair of contact lenses and my glasses that I wore at night or for emergencies.  It was just a nuisance.

What held you back from getting LASIK?

Justin: Plain and simple, I was afraid of someone touching my eyes.

How has LASIK changed your life?

Justin: I can’t believe how well I see already. It’s only been a few weeks and my vision is even better than when I wore my contact lenses. I see 20-15 now.  Wow!  Best of all -- no more glasses or contact lenses for me!

After LASIK, are you more likely to pursue different activities?

Justin: It might take a little while to get adjusted to some things.  I can’t wait to go snowboarding or swimming without the hassle of tearing up or fear of losing a lens. 

What would you tell someone who is considering LASIK?

Justin: Do it! I wish I had gotten LASIK years ago. For real!  If you are considering LASIK, I must give my full endorsement.  Usually, LASIK consultations are free and it’s worth your time to see if you are a candidate.  If it’s fear holding you back, I was there too.   I am so glad I stepped out of that box for a few minutes to change my life.  Having the ability to see without my contacts and glasses is incredibly freeing

Why did you decide to have Dr. Maria Scott do your surgery?

Justin: Dr. Scott was highly recommended. After meeting her, I felt really comfortable. While I was getting the procedure done, I truly felt like I was in the best hands and everything was going to work out great.

A reminder if you've been following along with Justin's journey and are interested in LASIK, check out his Friends of Justin Berk LASIK Promotion.

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