My Cataract Mission in Peru - Part Four

Posted by Dr. Maria Scott

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Aug 6, 2016 9:01:26 PM

Day 7 in Peru

This is our last day of the mission. Everyone is excited to see as many people as possible before shutting down the clinic. I again return to the OR to do more cataract procedures.  Two of the patients are so blind that they can only perceive light projected. 





The surgeries go beautifully. I am so grateful that I got one more day to improve my skills and help restore vision for my patients. I am thankful to have such a wonderful team assisting. Mari, Jackie, and Daniel did an incredible job.



Today I felt like it was much more familiar. The cases went well. I felt great when I finished the last one.

Tonight we went to the church and had a celebration dinner with all of the local, Canadian, and United States volunteers who participated in the mission.



We had wonderful local entertainment and many laughs. Everyone celebrated a job well done. The figures over two weeks were impressive: 4,171 patients were seen, 792 under the age of 19. They gave out 1,417 computer generated eye glasses and 1,165 pairs of reading glasses. There were 119 surgeries performed. It truly was an amazing team effort.



Tomorrow we will pack up all of the supplies and head our separate ways. We will say goodbye to the beautiful city of Arequipa.













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