My LASIK Experience - Part 2

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Nov 21, 2014 9:00:00 AM

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I don’t know why but Larry the Cable Guy infiltrated my thoughts and title here.  I guess it just seemed like ‘Duh!’  I should have done this long ago.  But as I mentioned before, I grew up having poor vision and experienced frustrating conditions with my eyes. I just accepted it. But my past year of expanded horizons, including my 321 mile trek across Maryland, made me realize that life is too short and I should work through my fears for something that could improve my life. Thus, I considered LASIK and met Dr. Maria Scott, who has built a wonderful practice in Annapolis. As soon as I walked into the practice, I knew it was top notch. Every person on the staff loves working there and was just in such a friendly mood. This had nothing to do with me being a weather guy and giving an inside scoop to this winter. It was just their disposition that made me feel better instantly. 

Disclaimer: This is my LASIK experience and results. They may not be the same for you, so add this to your investigation.

My Evaluation

To be honest, I was hoping I wasn’t a candidate. Dr. Scott has such a good record of success, because she is an experienced, skilled surgeon and will only perform LASIK on qualified candidates.  Her team performs a very thorough series of tests to determine one’s candidacy.  As I mentioned in Part 1, my first evaluation did not confirm my candidacy. Because I had my lenses in the night before, Dr. Scott wanted me to take them out for two weeks to see if my corneas normalized. So I agreed to keep them out for two weeks and would come back for a second appointment. 

I honestly HATE my glasses. It’s not a cosmetic thing. I might look smarter, but it’s just the feel of them. Losing peripheral vision, pinching my nose, being crooked on my face… and since I don’t wear them out much, I have not bought a new pair in over 5 years. But, I made the sacrifice, just to see if it would make a difference and I could be a candidate for LASIK.  After my two week respite, my evaluation showed that my corneas had normalized and I was a candidate. Uh-Oh! Now I have to go through with it. To be honest, I was scared. I did not want anyone invading my eyes, but I was confident in Dr. Scott’s ability and believed LASIK could change my life.

The Day Before LASIK

I took to my social media the day before my surgery to mention what I was doing.  I did not expect to see the overwhelming support for LASIK and especially for Dr. Maria Scott. Go see the Facebook post for yourself. If there was ever an authentic endorsement, the hundreds of comments there did just that. The funny thing is that many people encouraged me to be tired beforehand, so that I would sleep more after the procedure to let my eyes heal.  No problem, I couldn’t sleep much the night before anyway.

Since I live 90 minutes away, I didn’t know how I would be after my LASIK procedure so I booked a hotel room. Besides, I needed to nap for 4 hours (doctors orders) and then have a follow up the next morning.  Regardless of where you live, you cannot drive after your LASIK procedure.  You will need a driver. 

My LASIK Procedure

The morning of my procedure flew by. When I arrived at 10 AM I was scared. It hit me. I am really doing this. Where is that pill???

I met with one of the TLC Laser Eye Center Counselors to review my paperwork.  Then, I had one last check up of my vision to make sure it was the same. Here’s the skinny on the rest:

  • Sticker with my name was placed upside down on my chest. That is so the Doctor can read it correctly from above your head.
  • Sedative took about 20-30 minutes to kick in.  I had the chance to just sit and chat to kill the time.
  • When I was moved to the laser suite, my heart could have jumped out of my chest. The reality hit, I am really doing this.  As they helped me lie down, I felt like a kid on the high dive wanting to climb back down…but it was too late and I wasn’t going to wimp out. After all, I told my boys I was going to do this.
  • Prior to the LASIK procedure, they clean your eyelids and eyelashes.  A series of antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and anesthetic drops were placed in my eyes.
  • I did feel pressure when a ring was place on my eye, but it was less than 20 seconds. I didn’t love that part, but it was totally worth it!
  • Dr. Scott told me I had ‘beautiful flaps’. I asked if she said that to all the guys, but she swore it was just how well the process was going. Truth is, I will NEVER hear that compliment again.
  • Yes, you are awake and conscious during the procedure and Dr. Scott let me know what she was doing and reassured me that I was doing well. 

After the procedure, Dr. Scott walked me to another room to rest for a few minutes. We talked about the procedure and she reminded me to take my drops.  When you schedule your LASIK procedure, the coordinator gives you a schedule for specific eye drops you need after surgery to help with the healing process. 

I was sweating like a beast, but I made it!  Now, I was off with my dark sunglasses to take a long nap.  Stay tuned for Life After LASIK – Part 3 – and our Friends of Justin Berk  - Special LASIK Offer!

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Dr. Maria C. Scott is the founder and medical director of Chesapeake Eye Care and Laser Center and the medical director of TLC Laser Eye Center Annapolis. One of the nation’s most respected cataract surgeons, the number of surgeries she has performed places her among the top cataract surgeons in the mid-Atlantic region and in the top 10 per¬cent of cataract surgeons in the country. Her experience, skill and personal demeanor have earned her great respect among patients as well as colleagues in the medical community.

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