An Interview with Sue Stevens, Dry Eye Patient

Posted by Dr. Maria Scott

Mar 13, 2015 3:32:47 PM

dry_eye_syndome_patientQ. How long have you been suffering from dry eyes? 

Sue:  For years, I wore contact lenses and suffered with dry eyes

Q. Why did you decide to go to Chesapeake Eye Care & Laser Center?

Sue: My primary care doctor recommended that I see Dr. Scott for possible cataract surgery. After a series of eye exams Dr. Scott determined that I should have the surgery. The surgery was successful and I no longer need to wear contact lenses, glasses or reading glasses. Dr. Scott is not only an amazing surgeon but she is also a very kind, caring, generous and thoughtful person.      

Q. What made you decide to have the LipiFlow treatment?

Sue: During one of my follow-up appointments from the cataract surgery, I was given an eye test to measure the level of dryness in my eyes. It was after this test that Dr. Scott determined I was a candidate for the LipiFlow treatment. She thoroughly explained how the treatment worked and said that it would be beneficial and provide relief for my dry eye symptoms.

Q. What was your life like before the Lipiflow treatment?

Sue: Before the treatment, my eyes were often red, very dry, scratchy and fatigued at times. Often during the day I would experience blurred vision. I had a difficult time reading and using my computer. To provide temporary relief, I was using eye drops several times a day for moisture.   

Q. How soon after the Lipiflow treatment did you feel the effects?

Sue: The Lipiflow treatment was a wonderful experience. The treatment itself did not hurt and it was very soothing to my eyes. I noticed an incredible difference in the moisture of my eyes within several days after the treatment. My vision was clear, my eyes were no longer red and tired and the dryness was gone. In other words, I no longer have “dry eyes” and it’s a fantastic feeling.

Q. How has the Lipiflow treatment impacted your life?

Sue: My vision is clear, my eyes are not red and I do not have to put drops in my eyes several times a day. I love to travel and it’s so much better now that I don’t have “dry eyes.”

Q. What would you tell someone who is suffering from dry eyes?

Sue: To definitely contact Chesapeake Eye Care and Laser Center to see if they are a candidate for the Lipiflow treatment. The doctors and staff of Chesapeake Eye Care are incredibly professional. I have always been pleased with the service and care that is provided by the staff. It is clear that they care about the patients and provide exceptional service. 

Dr. Edward Trudo is the new Director of our Dry Eye Center of Excellence.


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